Thank You, Next – 3 Interior Design Trends That Are So Over in 2019

By February 11, 2019Blog

Thank You, Next – 3 Interior Design Trends That Are So Over in 2019

If you’re itching for a design upgrade this year and aren’t sure where to start, ask yourself if your home is sporting any of these looks that have worn out their welcome… and start there!

Boho Accessories

You know what I’m talking about – The macrame and Moroccan lanterns have all had a good run, but it’s time to rein it in now.  You can of course, continue to buy $19 batik pillows at Target, but stuff like that is just fodder for your next garage sale.

So if you just can’t tear yourself away from that gypsy-world-citizen vibe, I suggest channeling those feelings into an authentic piece that reflects a real ethnic tradition – like a real Kilim rug – and building the room around that.

Word Art

I can’t believe it either, but the “word art” trend is still happening in 2019.  I however will do my part to put this to rest for once and for all, so here’s the deal:  Words don’t belong on your walls and It’s just about as hokey as you can get.

Over-the-Stove Microwaves

Certain residential features are the brainchildren of home builders and contractors – Not interior designers. Such is the story of microwaves situated above cook tops.

The microwave-over-the-range setup is not a functional way to economize space and it sacrifices the ventilation capabilities of a full-size hood vent.  Plus, it’s just an awkward height for younger or shorter people to use. Ever tried to reach over your head to get hot soup out of the microwave? Not good.

I suggest you mount your microwave under other upper cabinets or try one of the new under-counter microwaves.  My clients are loving them.

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