Now Is The Time 

By February 15, 2017Blog

We’re the luckiest designers in the world.

We get to work with incredible people on breath-taking homes in the most gorgeous neighborhoods in SoCal – 365 days a year. We’re blessed to be busy – almost too busy, but we’ve got a few slots still available before summer.

Here is one of several projects that we’ve been working on for the past several months – a gorgeous 2,000 sq’ vacation home in Palm Springs:

These home owners wanted a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere that would serve as a family getaway that doubled as an ideal place for indoor/outdoor entertaining. They also wanted to accent the stunning 1958-built mid-century architecture. The entire project was intended to convey comfort, fun and classy-cool.

We Do This Every Day
We’ve been elevating “nice houses” to glossy magazine-level stunners for 15 years. We look forward to the challenge of every new project – every person’s home requires a personalized approach on our part, and we look forward to that.

You Deserve Our Best
More than once, and we don’t say this lightly, we are told that we make our clients’ dreams come true. We take those dreams, and the responsibility that comes with it, very seriously.

We invite you to dream out loud about the next version of your home. Tell us what your heart desires, we’ll make it so.

 Accepting three more projects before the summer!

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