Modernism Week 2016: Cool Style in the Desert

By February 18, 2016Blog
Modernism Week: Why We Love It
If you know my work, you know that I am famously influenced by Mid-Century Modern, otherwise known as the “Mad Men” look that was hugely popular from the 30s through the mid 60s. The sleek lines, the dramatic contrasts can radiate class, but if over-used, they can seem more than a little dated
That is why my style is Mid-Century Inspired, but ultimately something completely contemporary and fresh.

I’ve spent the last week at Modernism Week in Palm Springs where the worlds experts (and fans) of the style have gathered to revel in all of its glory as well as borrow (Steal? Yeah, steal.) great ideas to infuse into their own designs or their own homes. Here are a few that I intend to, ehem, borrow:

I love this vignette because it is clearly Mid-Century inspired (the lines, the colors), but the sheer size of those gorgeous lamps is something totally fresh and exciting. The juxtaposition of the style combined with the grandiosity of the scale is exactly the kind of something known/something new that I love to infuse into my work.
 I adore this outdoor art piece because of how it combines dramatic utterly modern art with the façade of one of my favorite Mid-Century homes in all of Palm Springs. The building is an office now, but the texture and scale of the exterior screams hip and now with the sophistication of a dry martini.
Modernism Week runs through this coming weekend! If you want to go, drop me a line and I’ll give you a few pointers of where to go and what to be sure to see. I’ve been attending since this event’s inception so I’ll be sure to steer you in the right direction.
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