How to Make Your Home’s Entry Pop!

By March 23, 2018Blog


The entrance of your home says a lot about you and your overall aesthetics.  But don’t stress if you have a simple hallway entrance or if your front door opens to the main living space.  Every home deserves a cool entryway!

Here are four tips to make your space wow you and your guests every time you come home:

Kill the clutter. Clutter is a huge no-no in your entryway – it impacts the entire vibe of your space from the moment you set foot in the door. This can be hard sometimes, as the entryway is the space you dump your keys, mail, etc. To remedy this, make sure you have designated, tucked away spaces for everything you store at the entrance of your home.

Add a statement. Placing a great art piece at the entry is a great way to appreciate it every time you come home and can offer a fantastic conversation starter between you and guests.  Pro tip:  A dramatic mirror always works well in an entryway.

Have a seat. Whether it’s a chair or a simple bench, a seat in your entryway is a great place to tie your shoelaces, drop off a bag and adds a lot of style to the space.

Light it right. Good lighting in your entryway is a must. Add an attractive lighting fixture, set up a dimmer for mood and a floor or table lamp for added options.


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