Holiday Tips From Scotty-Claus!

By December 9, 2015Blog
Add A Dash Of ChicTo Your Holiday Soiree

There’s no better time to gather friends and family for food and fun than the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Here are three tips from Scotty-Claus that will ensure your holiday soiree is a hit:


There are a lot of excellent holiday decorations out there, but the last thing you want your home to look like is the gift shop at the Madonna Inn. Choose a few of your favorite holiday decorations and feature them prominently! Also, choose a simple and clean color palette, three colors tops. At our house we’re going with a two-color theme: silver and white.

Don’t let this be you!



Guests go where the booze goes, so making your self-serve drink station mobile gives you great ability to spread your party nice and wide. This will also keep your friends and family out of the kitchen (where no party guest should ever go!).


Don’t create a space where all of your guests can sit in one room. If you do, they’ll all sit in that room and start at each other! Limit seating in any one space to no more than half of the total guests of the party – that way friends and family can spill into other spaces of your home, each of which can feature fun and classy decorations!

This is how Scott Thomas Interior Design handles the holidays –
with class, style, and fun.

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