Happy Holidays From Scotty-Claus!

By December 15, 2016Blog

Get The Greatest Gift Of All:  A Newly Designed Home

Let Scotty-Claus and his elves make magic in your home that will last for seasons to come!

With everything that goes on around the holiday season (vacations, parties, family, drama, oy…), it can be easy to lose track of bigger projects – like that redesign of your home! While last-minute shopping may be the flavor of the season, planning ahead – like, right now – can ensure that your house becomes the home you’ve always dreamed of by the summer. 

We love lofts! Multiple levels gives us multiple rooms to play in.

From floor to ceiling and everything in between, we are 100% full service. Our expert designers can meet with you on your schedule to plan the multi-step process of your design.


Our work speaks for itself, and our number one source of business comes from happy clients. No matter if you’re rocking a 1,000 sq’ WeHo condo or a Bel Air estate, we have the expertise, contacts and keen aesthetic to deliver a design that will thrill you to the core.

This is one of our newest bathroom designs, Mid-Century-inspired and super cool.

Pick up the phone, the time is now!

We can transform your house into the home of your dreams before summer.