Entertain + Much Wow = Your New Living Room

By October 20, 2016Blog

October, 2016

The Living Room: Where Style Lives

From a designer’s perspective, bringing new life to a living room can be the fastest, most efficient way to make a big impact on a home. 


Because more than any other room in your home, your specific tastes will guide our creative hand. Every room in your home has aspects of fun and functionality, but your living room is where your personality and interests can truly shine, without greatly disrupting your calendar. 

 Give us two months and we can make your living room the transformative space you’ve always dreamed of!

These are the goals we’ll keep in mind:

Living Room Goal #1: Welcome Home
Whether you’re returning from a long day at work or just a long drive, you should be greeted with a space that is inviting and calm. Your living room should make you happy – it should be a space you’re excited to be.

Living Room Goal #2: Relax
Once you’re home, your first job is to relax. We advise against putting TVs in living rooms for many reasons, but first and foremost is to keep the clutter and noise away from your most comfortable space. Grab a drink, play some music and let your space wash away the day.

Living Room Goal #3: Entertain
Whether you’re entertaining one person, a couple, a dinner party or a banquet, the party starts with the living room. What kind of entertainer are you? We can guide the design of you living room to fit your style and approach.

Ready to get living in that living room?

Entertain. Relax. Welcome Home.

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