Design tips to keep you happy at home

By July 25, 2013Blog

You deserve to be happy at home

We’re all about making your home work for you. You deserve to feel comfortable and content in your home — and we want to help you do just that. Here are three simple tips to keep you feeling happy at home:

1) Respect Your Space
Your bedroom should be an oasis of luxury and comfort. Your living room should be where you entertain and enjoy family time. Keep your office a space dedicated to your work rather than a rotating room with several overflowing functions.

2) Declutter to Destress
We all have too much stuff – it’s a fact. The secret to loving your home (and your prized possessions) is to have plenty of practical and hidden storage. A bed that has secret drawers underneath; a media console that also doubles as a bar – these are just two of the ways that storage (sweet, sweet storage) can help you declutter and enjoy your space.

3) Experiment with Color
No matter the season, colorful accessories are a great way to keep your space fun and interesting for you and your guests. Pick one of the less dominant colors in your living room (perhaps an accent in your favorite rug or painting) and then pick a vase or decorative pillow in that color. Trust us – that new color-coded accessory will pull your room together in a subtle but lively way.

Remember – it’s your home, so own it and make it work for you. Got a question for us? We’re happy to help with your Design needs. Drop us a line.​

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