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The BIG Question:  How does the interior design process actually work and what should I expect?

If you haven’t worked with a designer yet, it’s all a big mystery and if you watch the design shows, you’ll be even more confused.  Fortunately though, the process is very simple, it’s not scary and the client is the one that’s in charge.  So when you boil it down, there’s really only two phases to most interior design projects:

Creative Development Stage

During this phase, there are meetings, emails and discussions about what the clients wants done to the space.  We’ll need to know how you will use the room (relaxing, entertaining, watching TV, etc.) and what works and what’s not working for you right now.  We’ll also need to agree on the general design style you and determine a budget together as well.

Our team will then create a design plan based on the above.  The plan usually includes layouts and renderings, as well as furniture, fabric, paint colors, accessory recommendations, building materials (like tile, hardwood flooring, etc.).  And if there’s any structural, lighting or contractor work that needs to be done, that’s all spelled out too.

The plan is then presented to the client.  After the presentation, it’s time for approvals and the client can make any changes to the plan at that time.  And last, once we have an approved design plan, we’ll produce the final budget and the client needs to approve that too.

Production Stage

So now that we all know what the space will look like and the cost to produce it, it’s time to get to work!

First, all special or custom orders need to be placed and purchased like furniture, window treatments, etc.  Then, we’ll schedule the actual work that need to be done; painting, installing flooring, light fixtures and so on.  BTW, it’s our responsibility to manage the this process – from shopping for items to overseeing the various vendors.

Finally, when the contractor work is done and everything is delivered, our crew will put the room together per the plan.  Pretty simple, huh?


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