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By February 13, 2015Blog

Defeat Design Drama: Talk To The Couples Whisperer

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you’re redesigning your home and one person is completely invested in every aspect of the plan, and the other would just as soon not be involved… until he changes his mind. Suddenly the autographed Johnny Unitas poster becomes a deal breaker, then there are tears, and in a blink of an eye no one is happy.

This, my friends, is Design Drama.  DESIGN DRAMA IS BAD

As the self-proclaimed Couples Whisperer, we know how to deal with such things and take pleasure in guiding passionate, opinionated couples through the potentially tumultuous waters of redesigning their home. We know when to advise a compromise, when to insist that you stick to your guns when faced with truly bad ideas, and when to bring new ideas to the conversation that might satisfy everyone involved.

These are the sorts of conflicts that we help resolve all the time:

TV Placement – in the bedroom or not in the bedroom? That is the question.

Must-Haves – we provide creative solutions to make must-haves happen. We have decades of combined experience in this arena; we understand when a must-have is a MUST.

Budget – Which camp are you: I don’t care what it costs, I want it to look a certain way; or, I don’t care what it looks like the design just needs to fall within a certain budget. Or somewhere in between? We get it, we negotiate this conversation every single day.

So keep the Design Drama out of your home and call the Couples Whisperer – you’ll be glad that you did.

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