4 Things I Want my Clients to Know

By November 15, 2017Blog

The popular image of your designer hauling around fabric swatches and paint samples covers only a small part of what we actually do for a living.  So yes, we’ll help you choose fabrics and furnishings, but we also have design degrees and are certified to offer additional expertise in building codes, construction standards, project coordination and more.

Here’s the 4 I’d like my clients to know:

We help you envision your new space. We use professional tools for space planning, layout changes, lighting, furniture placements, etc. And our specialized knowledge allows us to look at your space in a way you might not have imagined. We create actual building plans and renderings that are realistic, so you can visualize changes before committing to the design plan.

We can pull together an entire home… or a single room. Our job is to work with your budget. While it’s true we do work on large whole-home builds, we also work on smaller projects and budgets. Clients shouldn’t be scared to reach out to hey aren’t building a new home or remodeling their entire home.

We can help your project conform to safety standards and building codes. ASID certified interior designers are required to know current building codes and other laws that may affect the design to ensure the safety of your project. And we work with reputable, licensed and bonded contractors that have been our partners for many years. Only the best for our clients.

We want to work with your vision … and expand it. Don’t expect a cookie-cutter approach from my team. We’re here to listen to you, assess your needs and then create an original design that fits your space perfectly. We work across the range of styles, and it’s always a treat to try something new. More importantly, we don’t have any preconceptions or agendas. Instead, our goal is to help our clients achieve their vision and to take that vision to its full potential.


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